CB No.2


The theme is “Impulse”

This work was created with the intention of focusing just the composition with the pure color surface, eliminating elements that evoke specific images as much as possible, and allowing the viewer to intuitively interpret the contents based on his or her feelings at the time of display, so that the painting will always be close to the owner.

We hope to help connect you with your room by making it a place where you can look at your room at any time and feel your own personality and therefore feel at home.


artist.  :   NAO (japan)

framesize.  :  628mm×477mm

media.  :  digitalprintwork

ED.  :    ~55

frame material.  :   Wood(3 color available)

sheet only.   :   available.( about 432 x 606mm ) ↓check. below

clublogo(TokyoRimpaClub) on the work is removable as you want *signature will be put. The color of the actual product may differ slightly from the image shown. An embossed stamp of the club mark will be stamped on the lower right corner of the surface of the work.

*editor`s edition not included in ED

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